6 septembrie

Business Pulse – September 2021

With its many fashion shows and film festivals, September could undoubtedly be described as “the month of the arts,” even more so when the art in question pushes barriers in terms of social change. Recently, fast fashion brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton had their shows disrupted by protesters for their products’ transient, expendable nature.

That was also the case of the Met Gala, where celebrities like model Cara Delevingne and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore heavily politicized statements while actual protesters and activists were being arrested right outside the event. However, the latter of the two celebrities received a lot of backlash once it was revealed that her “Tax The Rich” dress was designed by a notorious tax-evading designer.

This situation sparked a conversation about performative activism, class division, and how out of touch influential people can be with real-life issues. The far too familiar topic of wealth inequality in today’s society also made Squid Game, a Korean drama about indebted individuals fighting to the death for a large sum of money, into Netflix’s most-watched production in September.

On LinkedIn, the leading platform for business discussions worldwide, a new poll revealed that acquiring success ( in the form of financial wealth and influence) still frightens many professionals. When asked if they have dealt with a fear of success in the past, an overwhelming 62% of people responded that they have struggled with success. However, it seems like the fear of failure is far greater, as seen in previous polls.

Business Pulse is a collection of thought-provoking surveys on various business topics curated by Promocrat. We aim to give you some insight into what employees are thinking and talking about. Today we take a look at nine other surprising insights provided by polls in September:

  • More often than not, standing out in the hiring process is proven to be a difficult task for specific candidates. Asked whether or not they choose to speak about their hobbies on their CVs or during interviews, only 20% of over 3 thousand people responded affirmatively. 53% of employees prefer not to talk about personal activities unless they are asked.

  • Another poll has reported that “interview fright” could affect our performance, with 44% of employees rating their nausea during an interview with a 3-4 out of 10. For 34%, the nausea levels could be described as very high, 5-7.

  • After we’ve learned the most significant advantages of working from home in last month’s article, today we explore the most significant downsides. One prevalent response in a recent poll states that working from home diminishes human connection (68%), while others struggle with poor office logistics (13%) and even distractions from spouses and kids (8%).
  • Also related to remote working-induced anxiety, almost half of employees (46%) would prefer to have their camera off during meetings (yes, even interviews!).
  • On market segmentation and healthy competition, 14% of employees revealed that they would ban a competitor for joining one of their virtual events, while 70% would just let them attend.
  • Inquired about worrisome business practices visible during the first interview, 41% of employees said they would be able to spot any red flag during an interview. In comparison, 42% responded that they are still working on it.
  • In the field of hiring, it was also revealed that an Open to Work banner, while generally accepted by 80% of employers, it is still viewed by some as a desperate last-chance attempt.
  • While many job seekers struggle with salary negotiations and building a resume, a new poll disclosed that it is actually the many interview rounds that discourage and annoys candidates (66%).
  • Lastly, upon the golden circle of success, it should be noted that the defining factor for influential people is not what they do, but why they do it (80%), as cheesy as it might sound.

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