Essential Skills

  • Basic Understanding of Digital Marketing and specific concepts from all areas it covers
  • Outreach - prospecting, list building and running outreach campaigns, either manual or automated, for business development or sales purposes
  • Data-Lover - Basic Understanding of Google Analytics and other Insights Components of Popular Platforms
  • Know your way around Excel / Airtable
  • Ability to Quickly Learn new Digital Tools & Platforms

Nice-to-have Skills

  • Any experience in any of these areas is a plus. Having all of them is not only not expected, but would be downright crazy
  • Basic understanding of Start-ups (stages, fundraising, start-up Growth)
  • Demand Generation
  • Project Management Tools and General Knowledge (eg: Agile)
  • Technical Marketing Skills (Any are a plus)
  • Tracking
  • Basic CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • eMail Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Previous experience

  • At least one project, personal or in business, with an Outstanding Marketing Result
  • Mention any experience you have with Marketing Tools / Platforms
  • Any experience of working within and/or coordinating teams
  • no formal experience is actually required, but your achievements and proven problem-solving abilities are extremely relevant
  • any Outreach Experience (Sales, Business Development, Lead Generation Campaigns) achievements and proven problem-solving abilities are extremely relevant

Projects you will work on

  • Promocrat clients
  • High-Potential Tech Startups
  • Identify and execute on Growth opportunities
  • Develop Growth Partnerships
  • Manage channels
  • B2B Growth Companies
  • Outreach Automation
  • Demand Generation
  • Retail / FMCG Projects
  • Develop Growth Experimentation Framework
  • Coordinate Growth Experiments
  • Promocrat Venture Factory
  • Working with promising startups co-founded by ▲promocrat across Fintech, Solar, Technology, eCommerce, Medical and others

Tools you will use

  • Essential Tools for Growth
  • Analytics & BI (Google Analytics, Data Studio)
  • Excel / Airtable
  • Growth Experimentation Framework (eg: Growthhackers)
  • Documentation & Project Management: Notion, Clickup, etc.
  • Marketing Tools
  • CRM, Marketing & Sales Automation: HubSpot, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Phantombuster, Overloop
  • Ad Platforms: Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Quora Ads, etc.
  • Growth Tools & Frameworks developed in Promocrat
  • Non-essential tools
  • Sheets, Docs, Slack, Videoconferencing, Airtable, Miro

The growth Opportunity

  • Learn Startup Growth with Silicon Valley know-how & practices
  • Work with Romania’s leading tech startups
  • Autonomy to innovate and express your creativity
  • Opportunity to grow your own projects & ideas within the Promocrat Venture Factory, with investments (Sweat Equity / Capital) from Promocrat and network
  • Unique job experience in Romania that will open doors to any Global Startup / Tech Company
  • Fast-track opportunities: we have colleagues that went 2x-ed their salary in 1 year and others that became shareholders of Promocrat in 3 years.
  • Be part of an entrepreneurial culture, where you will be challenged to become the best version of yourself

The functional stuff

  • Hardware: All the hardware and software you require is included, but you can also choose to use your own PC / Laptop
  • Learning: There is a dedicated learning/training budget in the agency, that anyone can use. We also have a full subscription to CXL Academy and many other learning resources
  • Mentoring: we have a strong mentoring culture. You will be assigned a mentor and have regular 1to1 sessions, aside from the Office Hours you can use to schedule sessions with other mentors in the agency
  • Hybrid & Flexible Work: for 2024, we offer full flexibility of working, either remote or at the office.
  • Schedule: flexible, but take note that we do have daily meetings starting at 10:00 am. The early bird always gets the worm.

promocrat TL;DR

The largest and fastest-growing Growth agency in Romania

Major achievements within
the startup world

  • Pioneering tactics
  • the 1st GrowthHackers partner in CEE

Major achievements in the FMCG / Enterprise world

Pioneering Tactics & Channels
in the Romanian Market:

our values