Tymbark: 7 days from idea to TV Campaign live on air

About Tymbark

One of the largest soft drinks manufacturer in the CEE, with key markets in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria. Part of the Maspex group. Tymbark have a high focus on market agility, by frequently launching new products, even new product segments, distribution channels, pioneering many marketing tactics..

The Challenge

Creating a TV spot with less than 10 days available as the shelfing dates from the distributors had changed.


We created a full-scale TV Production in record time, 7 days from idea to live on Air. This took not only amazing people and dedication from all teams involved – â–²promocrat, Tymbark and the production team, but it also required good luck at every step. The support from the team at Tymbark was essential, as their open and agile mindset made it possible not only to imagine this crazy endeavour can be done, but also making it happen.


The campaign went on air on time, as the products hit the shelves and thus become one of, if not the fastest developed full-scale TV production in Romania, with 7 days from idea to live. This showcased Tymbark that they can support their Agile model and launch products to stores faster than any other soft drinks company in the region.