Volt: Doubled User Base with a single Creative Spark

About Volt

The first P2P Payments app in Romania (1 year before
Revolut hit the market), with a refreshed value
proposition around discovering and gaining insights
your personal credit score.

The Challenge

Volt has always tried different creative solutions for
communicating the product and things have
generally gone well, but on a steady path, even when
campaigns were backed by established teams with
strong creative insights and executions


Shifting towards a growth methodology enabled and
encouraged high-tempo experimentation and this also
affected the way in which Creative campaigns and
assets were treated. Whilst in the past, Volt was doing
2-3 big campaigns/year, now they had switched to
doing 2-4 minimum viable campaigns per month. And
this sparked new ideas for all funnel stages, including


The Growth process enabled us to reach the idea of an
open challenge of finding out “who has the largest credit
score in Romania”. The implementation was
straightforward – a radio campaign, with basic non-paid
support in Social Media.

This campaign alone, in just a couple of weeks, doubled the user base that the company had built in 5 years
through extensive marketing efforts.