Tailent: E2E Product Partner for RPA Platform GoToMarket

About Tailent

A complex RPA platform comparable in complexity and scope with UI Path, Automation Anywhere & Blue Prism, but is built on a more open philosophy of reusability across solutions, robots and integrations.

The Challenge

Coming fresh after a visual identity change, the product-led business required a complete overhaul, starting with new UX and UI for the core, Studio platform and the Robot Desktop Assistants, but also new solutions such as the enterprise-focused orchestrator application. Beyond Product UX/UI, we also had to build up a set of collaterals that would always stay up to date with the product, along with digital marketing campaigns to expand client and partner base.

A record-breaking 4 month project which included:


▶ Complete overhaul of Studio Platform UX

▶ UX/UI for the all-new TAP Orchestrator

▶ Solution Overview Video

▶ Website built from scratch with 20+ Value-Add,

campaign ready Landing Pages