FintechOS: Long-term support of Product Marketing

About FintechOS

A low-code platform that enables incumbent players in the financial industry to build innovative products and services fast and keep up with rising consumer expectations and FinTech developments.

The Challenge

Product Marketing for a platform and ecosystem as complex as FintechOS might be daunting for an agency. Especially as marketing priorities are always shifting, the product is changing and even the team and company change a lot.

Our Product Focus

Even though we are an external team, we always put extra efforts and resources into deeply understanding the product and how it creates value. That’s why we have a very good fit with companies in highly innovative market spaces. That’s why we work as a team, not as a vendor.

A company like FintechOS changes hundreds of times across a couple of years – changed the product, changed the team, changed the agencies, changed the approach. Even though
things change, we are still at their side. We’ve been there even before FintechOS was FintechOS and are looking to replicate this success story with other ambitious players.

This video on the Times Square building is just one of the 10+ projects we’ve done in the last year.