Tymbark: One of the most successful Spotify campaigns in Romania

About Tymbark

One of the largest soft drinks manufacturer in the CEE, with key markets in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria. Part of the Maspex group. Tymbark have a high focus on market agility, by frequently launching new products, even new product segments, distribution channels, pioneering many marketing tactics.


We created a series of Playlists around the key concept of “Your Summer Mix”. Every playlist had it’s own theme, specific to summer settings (With friends, Vacation, Pool time, Road trip, etc.). Non-premium members could find out through Spotify Ads about the campaign, but we also had mutiple other channels (Social Media, Influencers) that created awareness around the Spotify
playlists and brought in a immense volume of Premium users, too. The media partner was httpool, a key factor in the success of the campaign.

The Challenge

On a constant quest to connect with audiences on the channels that matter most to them, with added value and non-invasive engagement, 2022 was the year that we chose Spotify. Oh, and the concept had to be much more than just another ad campaign, all the other brands in the space had already tried that with predictably average outcomes, as people tend to hate it when ads interfere in their music stream.



minutes listened

35% Premium

These users accessed
playlists organically as
they could not receive
Spotify Ads

Performance vs.
Reference CTRs in


Audio Ads


Mobile Overlay


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