Sunful: Launching a SaaS MVP, fully covered on Product & Marketing, in just 2 months

About Sunful

A start-up developed in the promocrat Factory. It is the first solar panel investment calculator that uses real-time energy prices across all EU countries. It is on the route to become a marketplace to connect solar panel & installation providers to retail consumers.

The Challenge

The challenge was to launch a market-ready MVP in as little time as possible, in order to get quick market feedback from real customers on the product and value proposition.



▶ Business Idea -> Prototype in 2 weeks

▶ Prototype -> MVP (incl. paid version) in just 2 months

▶ Web, MarTech & Marketing Setup in just 1 month



in the 1st week we got

▶ 100 users that got a personalized report

▶ 2 paying clients

▶ Critical feedback that already helped us bring immediate product & VP improvements