Tymbark: The longest running YouTube Brand Channel in Romania

About Tymbark

One of the largest soft drinks manufacturer in the CEE, with key markets in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria.
Part of the Maspex group. Tymbark have a high focus on market agility, by frequently launching new products, even new product segments, distribution
channels, pioneering many marketing tactics.


Based on previous experiences of the marketing team from Tymbark Poland, we built a permanent studio in Bucharest and built a recurring show that would air weekly on YouTube. The hosts, Bibi, TecheČ™ & Vlad
Grigore were emerging stars at the time and Tymbark Fun Club also supported their rise to fame.

Every week, the show would have the hosts doing creative challenges, engaging with special guests and
having fun that they could share with people watching.

The Challenge

Tymbark approached us to build a proposal for their YouTube channel to connect with teens in a meaningful way, delivering fun content to keep teens engaged and excited for every new episode.

Where other big brands in Romania had failed before is keeping their show relevant and efficient for more than a few months due to creative attrition.



episodes aired
in 2.5 years

10 mil