Traction Conference is the first event in Romania that focuses on growth marketing. We aim to demystify this popular but often misunderstood subject. The conference will encompass building a growth function in your startup/company, growth marketing strategies, and networking opportunities.

Traction Conference is mainly for startups, marketers, and growth-focused professionals seeking to master growth marketing techniques and connect with industry experts. However, any professional representing a company willing to develop a growth function in their business is welcomed.

The conference agenda covers a spectrum of growth marketing subjects, ensuring each attendee gains enough insights to drive successful growth in their business. Here are some key topics: the current state of growth marketing, building cross-functional growth teams, growth functions, growth models (product-led, sales-led, marketing-led), community-led growth, high-tempo experimentation, performance marketing for startups, and growth-focused data analytics tech stack recommendations.

We’re committed to securing the speakers’ consent for every presentation and any mentioned resources during the conference. And when we’ll have it, you’ll get all the slides and materials that can help you fuel your growth. A recording of the event will also be available and sent to you approximately 1 week after the event.

No, the conference won’t have online distribution channels, although the recording of the event will be available 1 week after the event. However, we strongly encourage you to benefit from the full offline experience, with in-person networking and real engagement

Yes, there is an early bird discount available until the 31st of August. After that date, you can access a group discount for 4+ attendees by contacting us at events@promocrat.ro. You can also look out for discount codes provided by our partners and speakers.

Yes, you can transfer the ticket you bought to a friend, but you have to notify us at events@promocrat.ro so we can update the attendees’ list in due time.

The General Pass grants you access to all the panels and keynotes at the event and also includes the invitation to the networking cocktail after the event, where you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the speakers and other attendees.

This pass also includes the Growth 101 handbook, Promocrat’s course about growth marketing. You will find this PDF in the thank you letter after the event.

A recording of all the sessions will be available and sent to you approximately 1 week after the event.

The VIP pass includes the above-mentioned, but also the premium benefit of a private growth workshop, delivered to you by the Promocrat team. After buying the VIP Pass we’ll contact you in order to schedule the workshop.

Yes. There will be an open buffet after the conference, while coffee and drinks will be available during the event. Don’t worry, they will bring a variety of options that’ll appeal to everyone’s taste buds!

Yes. The catering service will take vegetarian/vegan options into consideration. The menu will include several dishes for non-meat eaters.

Yes. There is a scheduled Networking Cocktail from 19.00 to 20.00, but networking is expected to happen throughout the entire day.

Of course, we encourage networking and raising questions for all of our speakers. You’ll be able to engage with the speakers in person during the panel breaks and during the Networking Cocktail. If somehow you’ve missed connecting with someone, just drop us an email and we’ll make sure to send an intro to connect you.

There will be lots of parking spaces available near the location – ING Communication Hub. The biggest one is the parking lot C from the Romexpo complex which is just a few min walk from the conference venue.

If you are providing value for our startup community, services, and solutions that can help these businesses grow, we’d be happy to promote your message. Just drop us an email at the events@promocrat.ro and we’ll discuss all the sponsoring options.

You can follow our social media pages (Facebook and Linkedin) to catch all the announcements about speakers, agenda, partnerships, and even discount opportunities, while major announcements about registration or any last-minute changes in the agenda will be communicated via email.

This is an important one because we need and appreciate your feedback so we can make a good first edition, but also to find out what to improve for next year’s conference. Write us any suggestions and feedback at events@promocrat.ro

You can use events@promocrat.ro to contact us for assistance or any inquiries regarding the conference, speakership, or partnership options.

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