1 April

LinkedIn Pulse – the most insightful LinkedIn polls of April

With Yahoo Answers shutting down its servers for good earlier this month, the future of community knowledge exchange might be data-driven, with LinkedIn polls being the next best thing. A few platforms are still disputing Yahoo’s title as the primary source of community-driven Q&A content. Quora and Reddit are close alternatives for anonymous employer screening. At the same time, LinkedIn provides an easy, quantifiable method of gathering insight from professionals in any field of activity. The reason why this type of content seems to thrive on LinkedIn, after being introduced in May 2020, could be partially owed to its dual role as a community engagement and research tool. You can easily access the data while scanning the comments for more in-depth commentary, a feature which neither Reddit nor Quora provides. It also allows you to adjust your content/services to your audience and receive professional advice from your network, thus connecting the brands to their employees and customers.

LinkedIn Pulse is a collection of such polls curated by Promocrat to showcase insightful information on the platform that would otherwise get lost on our daily feed. In that interest, we have chosen 15 polls from various thought leaders and career specialists. These polls provide intel about trending topics such as AI, job hunting, and employer expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic, income distribution, and so much more. The surveys depict a somewhat accurate consensus on work from home practices. Still, they are more divisive when it comes to hiring and vaccination.

  • In a recent poll by Resume & LinkedIn writer Virginia Franco, 59% of employees agree that “strength of network” plays the most significant role in landing a job, with 45% finding work through a referral/network connection. 64% of job candidates never hear back from an interviewer.

  • 63% of employees would prefer fewer meetings at work, and only 30% of employees wish to return to the office this summer.

  • On the vaccination front, 20% of employees think that including vaccination on your resume may lead to discrimination. At the same time, less than half of employers pay for vaccination expenses.
  • 73% of people believe AI will have the most impact on the future of healthcare, with less popular alternatives being 5G (14%) and Blockchain (13%).
  • According to a poll conducted by career coach and LinkedIn Voice of 2019 Sarah Johnson, only 22% percent of employees are satisfied with their current job income while 38% are seeking a side hustle, and 40% already having a secondary source of income.
  • More than a third of over 14.000 employees surveyed agree that their most productive day of the week is Tuesday, with Monday being the second most popular answer.
  • When it comes to hiring, 55% of employers agree that personality match-up is still the greatest influence when deciding who to hire/work with.
  • A recent poll by Bob McIntosh, LinkedIn Voice of 2019, concluded that 71% of people prefer to read shorter paragraphs on the platform, with 3-4 lines being the average.
  • 58% of those surveyed in a recent poll have named Whatsapp as their favorite communication channel, with e-mail being the runner-up at 24%.
  • Half of LinkedIn users visit the site several times a day, with another 31% using it at least once a day.
  • 38% of job seekers need help figuring out where to look for opportunities, rather than thinking about what to say once opportunities come (36%).

Saw any interesting polls on your LinkedIn in May? Please send them to yourstory@promocrat.ro.