4 july

LinkedIn Plus – July 2021

Whether you’ve watched the Olympics or the billionaire race to Outer Space, July was all about pushing beyond our limits and being inspired to do more. Unfortunately, it was also the hottest month to date, a warning sign that we might also be pushing the boundaries when it comes to our planet. Additionally, according to Eurocontrol, air traffic reached 65% of 2019 levels last month, surpassing even the optimistic travel expectations amid COVID’s Delta scare. That’s not to say that the uncertainty that had afflicted tourism since 2020 has completely disappeared, but things are looking a bit brighter now.

LinkedIn Plus (rebranded and improved) is a collection of thought-provoking surveys on various business topics curated by Promocrat. We are back with renewed forces after a short hiatus to give you insight into what employees are thinking and talking about. So let’s take a look at ten surprising insights provided by LinkedIn polls in July:

  • We know that remote job listings are rising, but what does it take to acquire such a job? According to a recent poll, 60% of employees completed a project or “audition” as part of their interview process. For 25%, the project took under 3 hours; for 17%, the process lasted 3-6 hours, while 14% of candidates encountered interview projects that lasted over 6 hours.

  • As a pro tip for your next interview, always send a thank-you note after your first touchpoint with a possible employer. In fact, 59% of employees already do this after each interview, 29% do it sometimes, and only 14% see this as less of a necessity.

  •  More than 50% of marketers on LinkedIn have declared that email marketing is “dead and buried” (56%), a bad signal for online retailers, especially those relying on newsletters. However mixed the reviews are, email is still believed to have the highest return on investment, with six times the conversions of a Twitter post and even 40 times those of Facebook.

  • On what Coronavirus taught us, 18% of people learned that “health is a priority,” 11% found out that they can work from home, with another 11% thinking about how much they valued time spent together with people. 60% agreed on all of the above.
  • The topics of job security and employee security have been intertwined throughout the pandemic. It seems like the significant shift in workspace loyalty is finally here as 33% of employees have decided to switch their job, and the other 34% are actively trying to make the switch.
  • LinkedIn also had mixed reviews on the modern-day Space Race, with 38% of those surveyed preferring to fly out of the atmosphere with Elon Musk, compared to Richard Branson (15%) and Jeff Bezos (6%). The public still regards NASA as the most reliable means of transportation in space, with 41% of the votes.

  • On wealth and workplace loyalty, more than 70% of employees would quit their jobs if they received 10 million $. However 54% of them would do so to start their own business and only 17% would stop working altogether.

  • Should trust be a given in the workplace? The answer is “No,” according to a recent poll, in which 52% of people agreed that “trust is earned,” while 23% of those surveyed revealed that they tend to question everything. Less than a quarter of people declared that they trust people “at the outset.”

  • While working from home, sometimes office rules have to be adapted. “Don’t jump on the keyboard while I’m having a call” doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary when 14% of employees have said that they share their office space with a cat, 35% with a dog and 10% with a variety of other animals.
  • Almost 60% of employees agree that unvaccinated colleagues should not be fired for refusing to get the vaccine. Still, opinions are more dispersed when it comes to whether they should return to the office or simply work from home.

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